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Selecting Lights for your Kitchen Island Bench

We’re always happy to assist with choosing lights for your home, give us a call or visit us in store and we can help you through it.

With seemingly limitless options, choosing lights for your kitchen island can be quite a daunting task.
A kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, so it’s a space you want to feel good in. Lighting plays a big role in this.
That’s why we’re here to help you break it down and find the best lights for your kitchen

1. Ceiling Height

The first thing you want to consider is ceiling height – the same lights just don’t work everywhere.

Whilst a certain light would look beautiful in a home with the modern “standard” 2.7 metre ceiling, it is going to look very different in a home with 4 metre ceilings.

We suggest that you measure the total length of your ceiling height and work backwards from there.

By finding out your ceiling height, this simple equation will tell you how long your lights need to be.

Generally, 1850mm from the floor to the bottom of the light is the right height for Island Bench Lights to sit.

So, say for example, your ceiling height is 3000mm.

You’d first take 3000mm (your ceiling height) and minus – 1850mm (the length it should be from floor to the bottom of the light)

Which gives you = 1150mm

So, the overall length you’d want your lights to be is 1150mm.

This will easily help you to cull options as sometimes lights are simply too big or too small for your home.

2. Island Bench Length

If your island bench is already inside your home, take a measurement of its length. Otherwise ask your cabinetmaker for the length.

A two light fitting measuring at 800mm is going to look miniscule in contrast to a 3-metre-long bench. But it would work perfectly for one that is 1.5-metres-long.

3. See what fittings you're drawn to over other Island Benches

Generally, Island Bench Lights are broken down into two main categories here at Memory Lane; Single Fittings or Multi-Light fittings.

There are lots of extra variables like colour, glass, shade, how many lightbulbs, etc.

But, as a rule of thumb, we can change the glass and finish of almost all of our fittings to your liking. So really the most important part is the style of the fitting itself.

Sometimes we find single pendants work better with lower ceilings, but if you love a multi-light there are ways to make it work.

See our gallery below for island bench lighting inspiration.

4. Look at your own space

Finally, look at the space where the lights will go and see what it needs.

For the most part, there shouldn’t be much concern about how much light a fitting can emit. As our fittings are compatible with LED bulbs you can usually make them as bright or as dim as you like by simply changing the light bulb.

But there are some questions you should ask yourself:

Are there other lights in the same room that the lights need to work with?

Will my kitchen be complimented by a statement light or something more understated?

What finish will bring out the existing colours of the room?

Is the light in a “splash-zone”? Is a certain type of light going to be safer or easier to clean?

Sometimes finding an image of a kitchen that you like the look of the lights in and also looks as much like your house as possible helps to answer some of these questions.

And ta-da! Like that you’ve chosen your lights. Once a major decision like this gets made in your build/renovation, the rest only gets easier.

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