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A Lever to Last

Dealing in the business of architectural hardware, we notice trends coming and going. We don't think these levers will face the same fate.

These levers are inspired by the levers of the late 18th- early 19th century homes of Northern Italy. These handles effortlessly add elegance to homes of many styles, looking right at home in anything from a Modern Hamptons home to a Gothic Victorian.

There is slight variation between them but these different ranges seem to produce the same effect; timelessness.

As with most of our door hardware, they come in a range of finishes and can be paired with many different lock options. Some lock options include; privacy set for a bathroom, euro or ozilocks for external doors, passage sets & many more*. We can help you work out what internal components you may need, either in store, over the phone or via email.

This style is also available on long plates instead of on a “Round Rose” backplate.

Browse our gallery below to see just how many different finishes we can offer:

* Please note, internal components vary greatly based on your projects specific requirements. Before ordering, please confirm with your relevant tradesperson.

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