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Where do I buy door hardware for my Airbnb?

Over the Christmas holidays I was staying at a beautiful Airbnb near King Valley. Everything was immaculately designed, but one thing that took away from the luxury was the faulty door hardware that didn't lock.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to have door hardware that works. It’s the small details that elevate a guest’s experience, struggling with using doors and worries about security can detract from the holiday relaxation.

With our expertise here at Memory Lane, we can help you to choose door hardware that will work for your project’s specifications. We can help you to update all manner of architectural hardware.

Some things you may consider include:

- Internal door hardware such as locks & latches

- Hinges

- Door handles

- Kitchen cabinet handles

- Window fittings

Hardware is also a super easy way to create a seamless feeling throughout the home. You can pick a

finish and use it throughout the home, maybe something that matches the light fittings you have or that will balance well with the paint colour chosen.

We can supply hardware in a range of different finishes such as:

- Polished or Satin Nickel

- Polished or Satin Brass

- Polished or Satin Chrome

- Antique Brass

- Antique Bronze

- Antique Copper

View our gallery to see the visual impact hardware can make on a home.

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