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Fortress Melbourne Flag Frame

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Early last week we received an urgent call from Designer Eleisha Gray, ( who is currently working on the new Fortress Gaming Room at Emporium in Melbourne, (

Would we be able to make a frame, from brass rod, to support some banners for Fortress Melbourne, oh and I need it by Thursday & and I need 2 of them in an Antique Bronze Finish please? At first our heads exploded and then we began thinking, perhaps we could put something together. I quick rummage through our parts tub & then through our supplier’s catalogues and we were away. The parts were quickly supplied, so it was all hands-on deck as they were stripped of lacquer, polished and coloured. Then we had to thread some rod, (after we had made a tool to do this) and begin assembling the 2 banner frames. After a few false starts when components would not go together, we were able to get one frame together and then colour match all the components. A late night and an early morning and we were able to complete the job by Thursday morning ready for them to be hung that day and they came up a treat I must say.

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